Lipozene Review (March, 2020)

Lipozene Overview

Are you tired of following strict diets and exercise routines that never seem to work? Are you ready to burn fat and easily and keep it off? For those of you who have tried almost every type of diet and exercise to no avail, diet supplements just might be the right option for you.

There are many different diet supplements on the market but not all provide people with efficient results. Two of the most popular choices among people are Lipozene and Acai Berry. These are both good choices, but you may be wondering which one is the best.

Lipozene is an appetite suppressant that works to make you feel less hungry. Many people love this because it prevents them from eating too much, which makes them lose weight easily. The Lipozene ingredients list is quite short. In fact, there is only one ingredient in the pill and that is gulcomannan.

This ingredient is known to not only suppress the appetite, but to also help with constipation and decrease cholesterol and blood sugar levels in those taking it. There are side effects with this pill, however. The Lipozene side effects include gas, diarrhea, bloating, and stomach pain. Those using Lipozene are urged to seek medical attention if they experience any of the more severe side effects such as difficulty swallowing and severe diarrhea.

Although Lipozene has said to be effective, many people feel that the side effects outweigh the benefits. That is why so many people have chosen to use Acai Berry instead. If you want a diet supplement that is highly effective and does not hold severe side effects, you will want to buy Acai Berry. This supplement helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism naturally. This supplement is recommended by many fitness coaches and doctors.

This is partly due to the fact that there are no dangerous side effects involved. Since it is a natural berry, you do not have to worry about the risk of side effects that many other pills involve. The ingredients consist of the acai berries and occasionally green tea extract. Many customer reviews have stated that it helped them lose weight and it allowed them to do so very quickly. By using this natural supplement to lose weight, you will achieve your goal weight and you will love the fast results. This product has been mentioned all across the media and is gaining in popularity each day. With a natural diet pill such as this, you really have nothing to lose.

So which diet pill is the best? You have learned the basics of both and now it is your time to choose.

What is Lipozene?

Currently, it is one of the most common and widely used weight loss supplements manufactured by the Obesity Research Institute LLC. It is 100% made from natural ingredients, and clinically tested and ascertained to be an effective weight loss product by aiming at the body fat. One of the main benefits of using this supplement is that it does not require you to make an extreme lifestyle transformation; a common characteristic with many other weight loss products.

By the way, the above paragraph is posted straight from one of the lipozene “affiliate” websites, who will do anything to make you buy it! :O

Here’s more…

If you are one of those people, who have for some time now been trying to lose weight, but all your attempts have been in vain and you are on the of giving up, you should not. Thanks to Lipozene, you can now achieve your weight loss goals regardless of what the current reading on the weighing scale.

And they will say ANYTHING to get that credit card outta your pocket!

What are the ingredients in Lipozene?

As earlier mentioned, it is an all-natural weight loss pill containing Glucomannan as one of its main ingredients. Glucommannan is an extract of the Konjac root found in India, Japan, Korea, and China.

Apparently, and of course, as said by the company (no one knows otherwise!), since time immemorial, Glucommannan, also referred to as soluble fiber has been used to treat type-2 diabetes, constipation, high cholesterol, and obesity.

How does Lipozene work?

It helps you lose weight by generating a dietary fiber gel in your stomach that in turn, gives you a feeling of being full or to be precise – satiety. They claim that the fiber helps you with digestion and makes you feel satisfied and full faster, hence cutting down on your food intake. Yes, it’s actually true for the latter, but aiding in digestion?? Har har!

In addition, the company also claims that you feel full for long thus, eliminating or minimizing cravings between meals.

Anyway, for it to work effectively, they recommend you to take up to 2 of its capsules 30 minutes before every meal, which means you’ll be popping them three times a day. In short, the recommended dosage per day is six capsules and should be taken with 8 glasses of water. However, it you are under any prescription medicine, it is advisable that you consult a professional medical practitioner before taking them.

Lipozene Benefits

Spot reduction – this supplement combined with effective exercise can be used for target reduction. This, in fact, is of big help to those individual with belly fat and those suffering from sagging arms. Believe me that was straight from the company.

Me? After having tried hundreds of different weight loss techniques and exercises, let me tell you this – spot reduction DOES NOT EXIST. You CANNOT lose weight from a specific part of your body, no matter what ANYONE says. You are of course, free to try hundreds of things, but you WILL come to this conclusion, sooner or later.

Effectiveness is above any other diet pill – This, as the company claims is according to many clinical studies conducted by various research experts and doctors. They compared the blood chemistry of the participants, the results and body composition changes and concluded that the supplement is very effective. Apart from that, the study results also indicated that 78% of weight loss by participants was pure body fat.

In reality, well reality is a whole different animal! You WILL lose muscles first, no matter what!

Safety – due to the fact that it is manufactured from natural ingredients, its risk factor is very low. Therefore, you can safely pop the pills into your mouth. In addition, you need not worry about any major side effects.

Again I say, yeah right! If severe bloating, constipation, fissures, gas do not mean side effects, then yes, there are none!

Low cost – you cannot compare the cost of losing weight using this supplement with that of going through surgery. Despite surgery being a much faster options, offering immediate results, the end product is the same; same slimming results.

Once again, the company compares the pill with surgery and not with a real diet program. Why?
Because Lipozene IS expensive. Period.

Healthy digestive tract – due to the presence of fiber component in the supplement, it is considered to be very helpful in helping you maintain a healthy digestive tract.

What?! No!

The excessive fiber in your gut only creates microbiological havoc! Humans are NOT supposed to ingest so much dietary fiber, else, we would have had 3 stomach’s like cows for processing it!

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